Elev8 Wealth AdvisorsWise decisions don’t happen by accident.

They happen with a plan.


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Business Owners

You have different needs than other people. We can help.

Process Matters

Results come from acting on a smart process. Here’s ours.

Done Well

We don’t do everything, and we don’t work with everyone.

Team Smart

It takes a team to win. And we have a winning team.

Impact Your Wealth

Our clients achieve success by making decisions about their wealth that are smart, and wise. Those decisions are the result of a disciplined process that has one goal: helping you get what matters most to you.

Jason Moller
Managing Director

Shirley Reiter
Managing Director

Bob Wilhelms

Bob Wilhelms
Benefits Consultant

Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider
Associate Advisor


Monica Reineke
Executive Coordinator

Glenna VanEverdink
Client Coordinator

Leslie Donsberger
Group Client Coordinator

Kathy Butz
Client Coordinator

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