Business Owners

We refuse to “be everything to everybody.”
But the work that we do, we do well.

As a business owner, your needs and considerations are different than others.  Your decisions don’t just affect you, they affect your family, your business partners and your employees.  It is important to have the right relationship and advice so you can make wise decisions.  That’s where Elev8 can help:

You have built a successful enterprise and you want to secure what you’ve built.

Elev8 helps you protect your business from the inside-out.

You need to attract and retain talent in order to grow and expand your brand.

Elev8 works with you to develop creative and efficient group benefit and pension plans.  Then we elevate it by providing management and administrative services so you can focus on what you do best.

You often employ multiple generations and certain employees are key to your continued success.

Elev8 will help you design and implement tax effective executive compensation strategies and secure key employee relationships.

A large portion of your wealth is represented by your business and you wonder how to best monetize this value outside of the business.

Elev8 can assist with the integration of corporate wealth into your personal planning activities.

The Elev8 team was assembled to understand the unique and very specific needs of business owners. That’s why…

  • We focus on your goals and results rather than financial products
  • We emphasize forward progress towards your clearly established outcomes
  • We manage planning cycles to sustain and protect your results
  • Our clients feel confident in our approach and can focus on what is truly important to them.…their family, friends, business and health.

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