Our process is actually your process

We use a trademarked, industry leading planning process that has a single goal: helping you get what matters most to you.

Most financial relationships begin and end with numbers, but our clients often have more complex needs and expect more than just numbers.

Your future matters, and your goals matter. That’s why we don’t just rest on our pretty extensive past experience, and why we don’t only count on our training and what we’ve learned through our credentials. We count on a process – a trademarked, proprietary, step-by-step approach to ensure your vision of the future is supported, well thought-out, and planned for properly.

Our trademarked planning process ensures that a thoughtful, systematic approach to planning on your behalf happens with discipline and careful consideration.

There are two realms of conversations you can have with an advisor – conversations about Strategies, Tactics and Tools, and conversations about your Vision, Values and Goals. The problem is that too many advisors spend too much time talking about how they can solve your problems, and not enough time understanding what it is you really want, and why that matters.

We’re not sure how anyone can solve a problem they don’t understand.

The Wealth Optimization System™

Our planning process is a trademarked, industry-leading approach. There are four quadrants: Discovery, Creative Solutions, Strategy Deployment and Results Management.

    1. Discovery: The first phase begins by identifying your Vision for the future, your Values, your goals, and then thinking clearly about the problem. This is called the Discovery phase, and this is where clarity is achieved around your Vision for the future, the Values guiding your decisions, and the Goals that need to be achieved to get there. We’ll also clearly identify the Planning Gaps that need to be handled.
    2. Creative Solutions: The second phase is the Creative Solutions phase where we think clearly about the solutions and make recommendations to close the Planning Gaps, and you make decisions about your next steps.
    3. Strategy Deployment: The third phase is the Strategy Deployment phase where we help you implement the solution and move toward your desired results.
    4. Results Management: The final phase is the Results Management phase where we continue to manage and implement the results. This assures you have confidence your plan will work over time.

The Wealth Optimization System™ follows a simple flow to deliver meaningful results: Discovery, leads to Clarity. When you have Clarity, it leads to Decisions. Decisions lead to Results. And when you get results, it leads to Confidence.

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